Metricon Phoenix Mod 43

Metricon Phoenix Mod 43
Entry Digital - keyless

Monday, 17 June 2013

Open Sesame

Well the Weekends - fade to lost but the results are very satisfying, Bunings were the base for sourcing materials for the Fortress Gates and timber panels, paint and steel post hardware. Then came the Electric Gates supplied by APC in Morabbin. Its was a hard slog dyna-bolting steel to brick and concrete, metal to metal, drilling, bolting and hacksawing to steel plus wiring, trenching and control systems, but alas it was finally finished. A gate sort of puts the fort into fortress. Overall the front yard is really starting to shine.

now I really need to rest - until the next thing called the backyard!


Funny how the old art, which looked great in the "old" house now seem dated or doesnt suit the new home design. Big house means you need extra big prints - this a new acquisition for the entrance hall.

Now to hang it

Monday, 10 June 2013


Well long week end lost is upon us. Commenced the gate install and here are the initial pics. Used fortress gates and cut them to size and also 50 x 50 steel for end posts dyna-bolted to peers. Electrics gates / motor arms will be fitted once gates are in a painted.

Firm underfoot

Driveway finish is great, and the layout and drainage works a treat. Melbourne gave us a massive downpour last week and the drainage passed with flying colours

Driveway Bliss

After The big FO Brick Fence was completed it was then time to get the Driveway and pathways sorted.
Got a number of quotes and we decided to go for exposed aggregate. We choose a mix called Tambo, which looks great. In the lead up I collected around a tonne of Mud underneath all my shoes and increased my height be around 5 centimetres. every time I walked outside.

We decided to add some curved angles into both the driveway and pathways layout, that added a flowing / fluid effect that worked well in providing contract to the House which is straight lines everywhere. The guys took about 2-3 days to set out, pour and clean up. 7 days later they applied a sealer which takes the harshness out of the exposed aggregate. end result was brilliant.