Metricon Phoenix Mod 43

Metricon Phoenix Mod 43
Entry Digital - keyless

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Why Metricon

This blog is about a journey in building a Metricon Home in Melbourne, It's about the planning, the  stress, the fun, the mistakes and triumphs on starting and completing a knock down rebuild in Melbourne SE suburbs. So why Metricon? We explored all the builders, Carlisle Homes (which did a great job for my Uncle), Henley, Porter Davis, Simmons, AV Jennings, Dennis Family Homes, Hotondo, we name it.
When it comes right down to it, it's all about design (and Quality). Where Metricon Excel in their design and marketing. Being in Marketing I appreciate a brand that stands out, gets me enticed and wraps it all up in sirupy goodness. Metricon design and presentation is a cut above the competition, The web site, their information, their product packaging is just plain cool.

If you were to read sites like Product Review, you would probably end up stabbing yourself - mostly the posts are all about venting and whilst some of the stories are pure evil, I'm a firm believer that you need to research the bejesus out of the product, project plans and expectations and suddenly most things look after themselves. It's fair to say that blogs have been a godsend for us in the planing and education process.

We decided to go double story, and choose the Phoenix and we have modified it by adding a third garage (massive store room or games room) brings it up to around 42 squares and adding the Oak Park Facade like the imperial in Balwyn with similar bricks(tawny heritage) and Dune render on the columns. Expect to add 110K plus to the base price to get it up to display home standard. orce We have gone for higher ceilings (upstairs and down stairs), eaves all around, Oakpark Facade, the biggest island bench in the word that can be seen from space (i'm told)

Square cut ceilings down stairs, caesar stone everywhere, upgrading heating. about 70 led down lights, timber stacker doors across the rear. We have opted for merging the master bedroom with bedroom 5 via a bulkhead walk through, sort of like a upstairs retreat. The Phoenix have a huge upstairs leisure room which is cool.

We went for the "Mother " of all island benches, Metricon said that this bench can be viewed from space. So we are booking a photo session with the Hubble Telescope to see if this claim is in fact true.

The chosen bricks and render on the Oak Park facade are essentially verbatim to the the picture shown, We went for Dune render and Tawny Heritage 50m (thin) bricks for the entire facade.

We will deploy a similar entrance tile treatment once we are in.

Please note Metricon does not allow you to take photo's inside their display homes - so of course these were taken by someone else - I can't say who.

We have some pretty cool stuff, (we think it is) sort of an eclectic mix of old, antique, deco and your classic stuff like deep leather lounges, antique fans and cool old world Asian through to high tech stuff so "we" think it will fit right into the Phoenix