Metricon Phoenix Mod 43

Metricon Phoenix Mod 43
Entry Digital - keyless

Monday, 3 April 2017

Tile Time

Thanks to the closure of Masters - Don't you just love competition The Artisan time range which were like $6.50 EACH (ouch) were sold at a drop your pants rate of just $2.00 so it was time to get the two upstairs bathrooms Fully Tiled = floor to ceiling here is the result...

Baby Cave

We opted for a 3 car Garage which was actually a 2 Car Garage with a Storeroom complete with full insulation and normal room and power point lighting. So it was a space waiting to become a room,

Thanks to Masters closing down I hatched a plan and I went on a daily hunt for materials for the Man / Baby Cave Project.

  • Timber stud work saved 60 % but bought 25% too much so it's ended up really strong
  • Installation 60% off but bought 25% too much
  • Door hardware 80% off
  • Timber Flooring saved 50% and got that Perfect
  • Paint 40% off Perfect
  • Solid Timber 8 lite door and Cavity slide 50% off Perfect
  • Solid Timber skirting and trim 80% off - Respect
all up timber, insulation, flooring etc, etc cost only $670, add some help and plaster from AirTasker to whole thing cost only $1,570 - Amazing. Here are some Picks.


Thursday, 10 March 2016

Fan Club

Summer is a cool time but not when it's hot. We have 4 strategically placed  Panasonic Split systems that keeps the whole house cool and ensure we can target cooling to where it's needed. Whilst the house is very well insulated and keep cool especially downstairs, a 43 degree day is a hard to overcome. We have now installed some addition fans than work a treat on those balmy 34 degree March Melbourne nights. Sourced from Thailand they are 4 speed, and timer enabled and look the goods. They have a 10 year warranty and are half the cost of similar ones you can by locally. Here are some picks...

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Out On The Tiles

Over a year since the Outdoor Room and Kitchen and TV/Satellite where installed and completed, it was finally time to get the outdoor room tiled - So we called up a local company called Aussie Tilers who were actually all South Korean. There were great and so was the finish of the "sand pattern" semi gloss porcelain from Roca (Spain).  The 600 x 300 match the shape and configuration of the indoor downstairs porcelain so the effect is superb.  At 28 square metres it's the place to be this summer.

Here is some pics.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

RGB strip lighting

Installed two sets of RGB lighting to colour up the Kitchen and Island bench
here is the daytime effect, but looks super sublime at night and is infinitely changeable and dim-able.

Digital Loo !^#?

Not usually the type of home improvement you want to advertise, but following our trip to Tokyo
I was under pressure to get one of these for at least one of the bathrooms. It that latest from Samsung and has a heated seat and even a dryer etc etc

Enter the Digital Toilet - bought direct from Korea at less than half the price of local specialist suppliers. It even has english controls however I'm not sure what "OK Bowel" means

SAMSUNG SBD-AB970S Remote Control Heated Digital Bidet Toilet Seat Dryer

And yes it has a wall mountable remote control !