Metricon Phoenix Mod 43

Metricon Phoenix Mod 43
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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Decorative Screens Out-Door Room

There a range of compressed hardwood decorative screens on the Market and they are cool. Decorative Screens do four things:

1) They reduce the impact of rain water entering your outdoor space and also reduce the effect of strong winds entering the outdoor room
2) Provide shade and or filter the light in a cool way
3) Provide a sense of enclosure and privacy
4) they look great

We installed these screen do all 4 things and they look great. It's still like "open" but "not" and the effect is breathtaking.

The Sreen sizes are typically 600 x 1200 mm but the challenge was to frame or mount them in such as was as not the have a heavy cumbersome frame thats look bulky and ugly and needs maintenance.
The solution was Anodised Aluminium square tubing using quick lock nylon connectors. Using self drilling SS metal screws and a lot of measuring to get it right making a 1800 x 1200 3 panel section or 600x 1800 side panel effect.
These screen frames were mounted in Merbau half hight walls lined on each side that matched the hight of the outdoor kitchen bench top. The outdoor room has three exit points which will remain open.

The cost of the panels can be a shock the the system, Chippy's in Ringwood stock "OutDeco" brand panels a charge a whopping $85 each for the "bungalow" patten design - its a rip off but they look great (they were used on Channel 9's The Block last year), so far I've used these on the front and side gates (see previous posts) and now in the new Outdoor Room. Bunnings had another design called "Beijing" that were on sale for $15.00 each... yes only $15, so I decided to use these at the other end of the outdoor room and they also look great, They are far enough away as to not look out of keeping with the overall effect of the new "enclosure" Combined with the Merbau half hight walls the effect is very pleasing.

The overall effect is that the Outdoor room is looking brilliant and a great place to be to have a kitchen, outdoor barbie and the solar powered LED TV to escape to. It brings the outside in and the inside out.

here are some snaps...