Metricon Phoenix Mod 43

Metricon Phoenix Mod 43
Entry Digital - keyless

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Day 90

Dont want to get my, or anyones else hopes up but right now we at day 90 of construction from the slab pour on 28th of August.

Using Metricon's "My Metricon" portal you can check the progress of your home and see what milestones have been reached and view estimated timings and completion date estimates.

So, at day 90 we are currently here:

The Big Dig

Saturday and Monday saw the plumbers dig trenches arround the house parameter and lay storm water plumbing including two large grated rain water pits that will work on a sealed system and expel water via electric pumps once the pit reaches a specific height. Not sure what happened to good old fashioned gravity, but hey it's 2012. My question is their a iPhone app for this system? All pipes are around 1.2 metes out from the slab so it was kind of lucky I was able to take a bunch of photo's before they filled in the holes so I know where not to dig in the future.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Shape and Form

Big week at The Block with a hive of activity pumping.
This week has seen:

- Bricks Completed - sweet
- Moulding installed in Oak Park Facade
- Balcony rendered (but not with final colour coat of Dune)
- Plumbers in to lay storm water around the house and pressurised pits install
- internal doors. jams and skirting boards and architraves nearing completion
- Garage Roof trusses installed
- Cabinetry installation finalised - waiting for stone counter / bench tops
- TV antenna installed
- eaves painted
- top half of bricks cleaned and joint filled

Seems that there is a crescendo effort being thrown in before christmas approaches which is fantastic.

Next week should see painting commence and there are things like garage roof, down pipes etc etc to come.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

in search of the last brick

Brickies finished up last night and house is looking done, but not dusted. Eaves are complete and we won't get the final effect until scaffolding comes down and render goes on and bricks are cleaned. Still it looks and feels good knowing that the milestone is done. Looking forward to seeing the Oak Park Facade completed. However it appears that the working drawings had different measurements for the top of the balcony than the bottom. Depending on who you talk to we either gained 4 inches or lost 4 inches. I'd be happier to gain 4 inches. The drawings for bed 3+4 where also out of whack but I suppose these things happen after all we are dealing with humans here.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Kitchen Cravings

Friday, has seen some huge leaps towards towards reality - nothing quite like a kitchen install to start seeing how you'll live. Here are some photographic appetisers. Even though there are no ceasastone tops or sides it really shines.

love the choice of ebony macasser laminates, and 12 overhead cupboards above the feature window. We have opted for 40 mil stone on the island bench and double under mount sinks, plus a larger SS undercount in the butlers pantry.

Friday, 9 November 2012

Colour Selection

After some indecision We went with Ceaserstone Osprey and Ebony Macassar laminate as shown below. The selection is being used throughout the house from Kitchen, Pantry, Ensuite, Bathroom, Power Room and Laundry surfaces and cabinetry.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Keep on trucking

New material keeps on trucking in. Yesterday The shower Bases for both bathrooms were set and both bath tub cutouts where set in. Solar panels were installed on the roof and brick work continued after the 4 day Cup long weekend. The plastering for the main part of the house is essentially done and the designer series bulk heads look brilliant as does the square cut ceiling we choose for downstairs.

Some guy I know, a very famous DJ in a black Audi R8 (V10) dropped in for a peak, the irony is that his car cost around the same as the house. His car is so fast, I swear, it felt like we travelled back in time. This car uses one of the latest flux capacitors released by Audi.

Kitchen, bathrooms, powder and laundry and butlers pantry cabinets have all been delivered ready for install. Must say we are very happy with he colour choice and the soft close option just tops off the total effect.