Metricon Phoenix Mod 43

Metricon Phoenix Mod 43
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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Electrical Essentials

Our Electrical Consultation with Habitat Group.back in February 2012. Their website is probably the worst ive seen a few pictures and no content or information.

Prior to our appointment they sent us their price listing containing all of the electrical fittings that they provide. From interior lighting, exterior lighting, light switches and power points, to ceiling fans and exhaust fans, TV connection points, to Alarm Systems, Intercom and Home Theatre wiring. Most of the electrical fittings that we saw from the display homes that we visited are on these electrical options list. The price list also gives you a guide on what we want to include on the contract. Fair to say its not cheap. most rooms or sections of room have one standard light - more what you would expect form a 1950's house.

Short of a few rooms we will be all LED Downlights (warm white) and dimmable - but will will change after handover. These will fit straight into the downlight fitting

In planning lighting and placement we used display homes as a benchmark. They are typically over specked

Here are my tips from my own assessment and intel gleaned from blogs we have read and from friends who've gone through the same process and peop'e, who have learnt from their mistakes:

Get them (builder) to put the standard fittings (lights) in, it's cheaper to replace them with the light fittings you really want after handover.
Dont forget two way and three way switches at the top and bottom of the stairs or kitchen to hall lights and visa versa. Nothing worse than walking to the front door to turn off the lights.

Exception to the above statement are ground floor downlights. It's harder to replace standard fittings with downlights on the ground floor of a double storey house (try getting your sparky-friend to go through the cavity between floors). If you have the budget, get the builder to install all the downlights that you require for the ground floor and overspeck if you can afford it. One option is to go for GU10 downlights using the woeful compact fluorescent globes and replace them with LED globes (Warm White) GU10 globes. In the two story homes it possible to add or extend the number of lights later if the cost climbs to high.

Consider spliting the lighting control so you can turn off/on half the lights in a room at a time. In the bedroom it's good to have split light option so your not floodlighting the room while one of you is sleeping.

For exterior lighting, you may choose to put in junction boxes in lieu of non-standard exterior lighting. This allows you to look at broader and cheaper items from Beacon Lighting or similar after handover. Lighting retailers have regular markdown sales, Lifestyle National don't. Besides, they even have to put in a significant markup to the price.

Thinking of external rainwater tank pump. spit system air conditioners or a future out door room power needs then add some external outlets that match the load they are likely to take, We've globes for 220v out lets for spit systems and smaller load externals for pumps etc.

You can never have enough powerpoints. Two doubles per room at the minimum. , wall hight power points for plasma's, outlets on the stairs for wifi internet, Cat5/6 cables for video intercoms, in wall wiring for rear speakers.

Buddy up with the sparky. You may have some post select changes and most likely you'll need them after handover.

Weve gone for slimline clipsal c2000 switches with brushed aluminium covers with "Impress" push button switches in selected areas.

Clipsal Impress has a Blue LED glow while lights are off. They offer really cool effect and make finding switches in the dark a piece of cake.