Metricon Phoenix Mod 43

Metricon Phoenix Mod 43
Entry Digital - keyless

Saturday, 16 February 2013

tic tok tic tok

tic tok tic tok, waiting for the key to the lock. Plumbing fit off was completed yesterday and oh what a difference taps, basins and baths make. The block has emerged as a home, sealed and alive with the tangible things like electrics, lights, water expansive tiling and carpeting and of course WC's. Wandered past the block today on the way down to Malcolm and Tammy's open garden in Merricks for Mums early birthday outing and hey presto, the door was open with Mr Andrew hard at work. The urge to just move in is palpable, but alas we must wait.

We are off OS in March so are hoping praying for keys by March 14/15. I would even considering "cleaning" if it meant we could move in by then.

Here are some of iPhone captures....

You can see a shot our site supervisor Mr Andrew looking a little less stressed today - PS he's the one on the right;-)