Metricon Phoenix Mod 43

Metricon Phoenix Mod 43
Entry Digital - keyless

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

New Week New Work

Up in Sydney on a film shoot, so away from the action and seeing it's hit the 14th of January it's likely most of us are heading back to work, so it seems the work on the block. It been an all stars event over the last two days. Thank goodness one of us is their to capture the progress.

Final staining applied to first two steps which are stained hardwood and then carpeted for the rest. The rational was to replicate some of the Metricon display homes which weaved the stained timber effect from the back middle and front entrance.

Electricians are in weaving the massive amount of wiring into position.We gone heavy on outlets and cabling for audio, HDMI and cat 6 provisions and we have a new samsung Ezon digital door locks and remote opening and locking.

Final painting and finishing has been applied and is looking brilliant,