Metricon Phoenix Mod 43

Metricon Phoenix Mod 43
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Monday, 29 October 2012

Day 60

Work commenced on the slab some 60 days ago on August 28, 2012. So now its 60 days in. Since then, the site has exploded with activity, The site has seen an approach that includes multi trades and x-over activity instead of a linear build approach. Metricon build quality and approach has probably benefited from the lowering of market demand by some 24% and a rationalisation of Trades people employed, whereby better tradespeople remain employed and the sub standard move on.

Very satisfied with the Metricon Experience thus far. Being a Marketer, I must admit I have a great deal of respect for their marketing. In practice the over promise and deliver, as apposed to over promise and don't deliver. It's interesting to watch other volume builders essentially copy the metricon approach especially in print advertising.

I think the fact that we live just around the corner at a rental property and have an often rare opportunity to walk by, talk, ask questions (lots). This helps keep the personal approach active and alive. We have asked lots of questions, asked nicely for additional nuances, got to know the trades people quite well, rewarded some with liquid incentives (including coffee). We requested some items to be placed into the build without being demanding or confronting or just being a pain in the arse...just nice guys to deal with.

We also spent a lot of time analysing the plan, knowing each measurement and contributing to off plan adjustments such as noggin and stud additional that allow for future needs and current considerations such as mounting of towel rails and t-roll holders, picture hanging, cupboard mounting and future door jams fitting as well as noggins to support future, tv wall mounting, overhead fans and or projector mounts. Funny thing is that Metricon should monetize these adjustments as an up-sell option.

Metricon should be promoting this blog, so when I say I like their marketing, then obviously this is not an endorsement of their Social Media team who may be asleep at the wheel.

Anyway enough waffle let's look at plastering day 2.

Today the scaffolding was erected, so now the final brickwork can begin.